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5 Tips To Keeping Your A/C Summer Ready

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Renters, owners, and Property Managers all have one thing: They need their A/C blowing COLD this summer!

Please don't leave it to chance! Use our pre-summer checklist to ensure you or your tenants are ready to face the Sacramento heat!

  1. Test it before you need it: After sitting unused all year, you'll want to ensure the unit works well before those 100-degree days set in!

  2. Check your air filter: This is the easiest, most affordable step in HVAC maintenance. Trust us, changing your air filter regularly is worth the time and effort.

  3. Protect your A/C unit from the sun & other objects: You can protect your air conditioner in many ways, including using a cover, an awning, or even tall shrubs. Additionally, be sure your A/C hasn't become a "catch-all" for backyard junk that can pile up.

  4. Programmable thermostat: Being able to program a schedule allows you to have a cost-effective, highly customizable home environment. "Set it and forget it!"

  5. Make sure your vents are clear: If you have done your spring cleaning yet, now is the time! Make sure the cold air has a clear path and won't meet any resistance at the vent.

Whether it's for your home, tenants, or offices, pass the pre-summer checklist on to someone you know who needs to beat the heat!

-Brown's, Keeping it cool!

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